Difference between Spiritualization and TATTVAGYAN

The Soul 
'Addhyatma'or Spiritualization
The GOD 
Tattvagyan or 'KNOWLEDGE'
1. The Soul is called the Noor or Aasmani   Roshani in Urdu or in Arabic and the Aatma or Eeshwar or Bramha in Hindi or Sanskrit. The Soul is both in the body and outside the body also. Soul is a connecting Link between the Self and the GOD.                                                                 1. The GOD is also known as Allaahtaala or Khuda in Urdu or in Arabic and Paramatma, Parmeshwar, Parambramha or Parampurush or Bhagwan or Purushottam or AnaadiPurush etc. in Hindi or Sanskrit. GOD lives in Amarlok, Paramdham, Bihisht or in Paradise not in the heart of anyone except when incarnated down onto this earth.
2.'Addhyatma' or 'Sprirtualizaton' is that System of Spiritual Practices which makes one to see in front the Soul with Divine Eye.  So'Han is just a descending position of Soul to Self under respiration as a Selfly Soul. This is not like doing any Spiritual practice or Kriya even.2.Tattvagyan is that Supreme System which imparts direct vision of GOD as HIS Virat Form with Supremely Eye. In Tattvagyan or Khudai Elm, Aham-So'Han- Han'So-Light and others too are seen as fractions of Sachchidanand-like Paramtattvam-like- Aatmtattvam or Bhagwattattavam, the GOD, the WORD.                  
3. This is Bliss-based. Bliss is a combined form of Peace and Pleasure.                    3. Frontal Conversation with GOD and direct Perception of Immortality is the gain of this System.
4. Thousand Yogis-Yatis, Rishis- Maharshis, Spiritualists and Mahatmas make people to perform saadhana or meditational practices. Now-a-days, just to increase the number of disciples and thence to collect funds, the so-called Mahatmas of Gurus have also started telling the people about the spiritual practices.4. This System is imparted exclusively by GODly Incarnation. The Incarnation too, cannot depute His disciple to bestow HIS Absolute KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan. HE cannot make even Aadishakti or the Premordial Potential to impart HIS Tattvagyan. The Supreme KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan is imparted by only ONE Body (called 'Incarnation of GOD') and by none else.
5. In Spiritualization, the Soul is seen with Divine Eye under the practice of Yogic Kriyas or Spiritual performance.                                                                                                                                 5. In Tattvagyan, GOD or the Supreme Exist is seen with Supremely Eye or with the Eye of Knowledge or TattvaDrishti alongwith necessary conversation with GOD. 'Salvation' is also directly perceived and achieved  in one's front.
6. In Spiritualization, an ego of false knowledge and vision of Light alongwith a little peace and pleasure plus some satisfaction are the optimum gains.                                                                          6. True and Perfect Peace and Pleasure (Eternal Bliss) with direct Perception of 'Salvation' and conversation with GOD in one's front are the immediate achievements alongwith Revered Fame and Reputation for the rest Life in addition.
7. Ultimate gain is Divine Light only. Liberation and Immortality (Salvation) is not at all achieved in this System. Yes, an experience of some 'peace and pleasure' (bliss) only is certainly gained.                                  7. Direct Perception of 'Salvation' and frontal vision of the Self, the Soul and the GOD separately alongwith conversations and also seeing Virat Form (Existential Form) of Lord Vishnu-Ram-Krishnaji are prime gains in this Supreme System or Tattvagyan 
8. Wherefrom does Sah of So'Han comes in and whereto does Han goes out ? Whether So'Han is One or Two ? All these are not known to modern Gurus or Preceptors.                      8. Generation of the whole Creation, Oan, So'Han and Lighted Sah (Aatma, Soul or Noor) and their submergence from and into Paramtattvam-like-GOD are all directly seen in one's front with Perception (Bodh) as well.
9. Addyatma or Spiritualization is bifractional and gives some peace and pleasure only. No Salvation in it.                              9. Tattvagyan is Trifractional or Perfect. Liberation and Immortality (Salvation) is directly seen to have achieved alongwith facial (frontal) Perception.

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