A letter for President of America

His Highness-Honourable President of America
Respectful Remembrance of GOD!

No doubt, at present, America is in the rank of fore-runner in the world in the development of material prosperity, Even today, America has got acceditation (Validity) in the form of a great-power, through out the whole-world. it is accepted by all the countries and no country dare to stand erect before the great power of America.
 On behalf of material prosperity and the great power, now with the president of America and the whole world is full of peacelessness and sucking of her affiliated countries. Not only America; but the whole world is standing on the verge of the position of destruction. in one side, in the name of Religion (Dharma) there is ostentation, different kinds of atheorists and different kinds of understandings and communities, in other side, Natural calamities- Glaciers are turning into water, the surfaces of sea-water level is increasing, due to the hole of the ozone-layer, signal of unnatural happenings by its rays, spreading of corruption and terrorism is at its highest. The whole Global-Atmosphere with beings is peaceless and restless due to natural disturbances and the Dreadful-position of Atom- Bombs.

There are astrologies of the world famous Astrologers that in such an atmosphere and position when surrounds the earth then Bhagavan-Khuda-GOD being incarnated, protecting HIS-earth and 'HIS devotees, protect-Dharma-Dharmatma and the Dharati and gives a highest life-living method to protect the Earth. In that very life-living method, there is the entrance of morality, spiritualization and the Essentiality (Tattvikata).

Today, in such a dreadful position Himself Bhagavan-Khuda-GOD incarnated in the form of sant Gyaneshvara Swami Sadanand ji Paramahansa for the protection of Dharma, Dharati and the Dharamatma who gave four laws to the society to make attach it with sinless, Truthfulness and happiness and prosperity, peace and pleasure and salvation and immortality.

(1) Education - The law to make know the knowledge of inert objects from the world upto Body which will provide worldly-prosperity.

(2) Self Realization - The law to make know from body up to the jiva-Rooh-Self, from which the jiva (Ham) who is situated in the Body, making the body active is being engaged in enjoying each quality and action, after whose leaving the body, this body becomes dead, the law to make know that jiva-Rooh-Self is called 'Self Realization'. After knowing which law the man being a moralist will begin to experience happiness.

(3) Spiritualization - The law to make know the knowledge from jiva up to Atma-
Ishvara-Brahma-Soul-Divine Light-Holy Light-Life Light-Alime-Noore is Spiritualization. In this law the knowledge of the perfect consciousness will be known. After knowing this law (method0 the life of man will be attached with peace the form of delight-Chidanand-Dibyananda.

(4) True Supreme and Perfect Knowledge - The law to make know from Atma- Ishvara-Brahma-Divine Light-Life Light- up to Paramatma-Parameshvara-Bhagavan- Khuda-GOD-Supreme Almighty is called 'Tattvajnan'. After knowing which law, being knowledge perfect of the supremely perfect, nothing is left in rest to be known and to be obtained. Then, life would be full from satisfaction, being prosperous and Truthful and Sinless and after leaving the ghost then would be achieved salvation and supreme Bliss-Paradise.

Even to the any country and to the any society to be perfect and to be prosperous, to be united with the Happiness and Beatitude would have to go in the management with the above mentioned four laws of the present Incarnation-Sant Gyaneshwara Swami Sadanand Ji Paramahansa, then only the world can be saved from the dreadful-destruction. Please note it that this law does not belong to Jesus Christ, pertaining Divine Light; but belongs to standard most True Supreme and Perfect Knowledge of his GOD Father, going along that law only, anxietyless perfect, cheerful, ever lasting satisfaction of Bliss-Beatitude-Sat-Chit-Anand is possible.

No doubt, if America with her physical philosophy  but paying proper attention to these four laws of Incarnation leads his country, incase that, in the field of materialism will remain a great-powerful of, from spirituality and piety, in the form of peace, delight and beatitude will remain praise worthy in the world and the president who will operate these laws, his name and fame will spread in the world, for ever, in the form of a spiritual great man.

Thoughts of Present Incarnation of GOD.
The Bible (from the gaspel, composed by uhanna)
"WORD" - in the form of BOdy'

"1. In the beginning was the 'WORD' and the 'WORD' was with GOD and the 'WORD' was GOD. The same was with GOD, in the beginning. Everything was originated by 'HIM' and what ever has been originated, in them nothing was originated without "HIM". 'HE' was consciousness and that consciousness was the light of men."

"6. That True Light which enlightened everybody, had to come in the world. 10-'HE' was in the world and the world was originated by 'HIM'. 14-and the 'WORD' embodied and lived amongst us." This is the same about whom I told, 'HE' who has to come after me, is before me, because 'HE' was before me'. 18 - Nobody, never saw GOD.
"I baptize with water; but among you there is standing a man. you do not know 'HIM'. 27-'HE' is that who has to come after me and I am not fit for, to untie the lace of whose shoes."

Present Incarnation of GOD-Sant Gyaneshvara Swami Sadananda Paramahansa Ji made us the devotee servants surrender practical visualization of this version of the Bible by True Supreme and Perfect Knowledge. we have clearly known this that the 'WORD'-in the beginning of the world, written in the version of the Bible descending on the Earth, has made 'HIS' residence among human beings and that 'WORD' was in action with the medium of the body of Shri Sant Gyaneshvara Swami Sadananda Ji Paramahansa. This Subject can be known by you also. It is not only ours but yours too.

Through that 'WORD'-GOD-the aspect of the 'WORD', what 'WORD' coming to the body of the man transformed into life. That is the Life Light of the man. Your highness (his highness) can also know and see by devoted servants-mahatmas of present Incarnation of GOD-Sant Gyaneshvara Swami Sadananda Ji Paramahansa to that Divine Light-Holy Light-Life Light- naturally and can unite your life to the Divinity and can save your country from the hovering dreadful destruction, by applying that supreme and Perfect Knowledge and can attach with peace, pleasure and beatitude.

Yours Well-Wisher
Sadanand Tattvagyan Parishad

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